Trade #4: Time To Seek BitMex Alternative?

Last week my long orders were triggered at 8755 on BTC.

XBTUSD 1-week time frame

I expected a reaction as we approached the weekly doji at 8750. This level also lined up with some lower time frame levels on the leg we are retracing.

XBTUSD 15-min time frame level origins

I entered at 8755 with 400, my first target was to sell 300 at 8900 and then let the final 100 run with a tighter stop loss.

XBTUSD 15-min time frame orders
BitMex trade report

Overall a small profit of 0.00033995 BTC. But the frustration here is the slippage on the stop order. It also happened on my previous BitMex trade. Yet never any slippage on my take profit order?

I’ve heard bad things about BitMex but always found it does the job for me. Perhaps I will start to look for alternative exchanges after this.


Entry was good, if I was in front of my screen I would have been able to let it run more before taking profits, as the price smashed through my target. Also maybe I could have had my stop loss tighter.

But overall profit is profit, relatively happy with this trade.

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